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Life-saving! To start with, I was resistant to going into rehabilitation, because I believed that no one could assist me, or understand my problems with addiction. Thankfully, Treatment Center San Antonio’s rehabilitation program was able to prove me wrong, and now I am happy and sober. Lots of my housemates, and several people I have talked to, felt the same way as I did, however you truly feel welcomed and safe at Treatment Center San Antonio since a lot of the therapists and personnel are addicts in recovery, too. They really saved my life, because without them I’m positive I would be depressed, on the streets, all alone, and continuing to use.
, San Antonio Oct 14, 2011

Powerful treatment plans!
Gentle and sensitive personnel! At Treatment Center San Antonio, all the staff and counselors are very knowledgeable about the problem of addiction, and believe in addressing substance dependency professionally, kindly, and with sensitivity. At first, going to rehabilitation terrified me because I believed that people would be unkind and judgmental, however, everyone was so unbelievably compassionate and understanding. I’m so happy to be off the streets and clear of the damaging cycle of drugs. At Treatment Center San Antonio, they won't make you believe you are a loser, or like you're nothing, but help you get clean and sober so you can love yourself again.
, San Antonio Sep 8, 2011

Accommodating and friendly!
Accommodating and friendly! I could really tell as soon as I contacted Treatment Center San Antonio that I was talking to a friendly, professional person. I really wanted assistance, and they were there for me!
, San Antonio Dec 28, 2011

Powerful treatment plans!
Powerful treatment plans! Nothing was efficient for me, however, Treatment Center San Antonio has really helped me get clean. I needed my family and my old life back, so I knew I needed to go into an excellent rehabilitation center. For the first time in a long while, I’m clean and sober and I finally feel cheerful!
, San Antonio Sep 13, 2012

Amazing houses and treatment center!
Amazing houses and treatment center! Everything at Treatment Center San Antonio was so fantastic - from the house to the rehab facility - that I couldn’t even believe I was actually in rehabilitation. Everything was so amazing!
, San Antonio Mar 5, 2012

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