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Many individuals are at higher risk for alcohol use disorders than illegal substance abuse disorders due to the fact that alcohol is legal and easily accessible to those above the legal age. Also, since alcohol is a legal substance, people believe it is safe and not addictive. These misconceptions have caused much pain and misery a lot of people. Treatment Center San Antonio focuses on teaching individuals who suffer from alcohol use disorders, helping them be aware of the roots of their substance dependency, and providing them the ability to live without and avoid alcohol use.


The Truth About Alcohol Use Disorders


Though both are alcohol use disorders, alcohol dependence, also known as alcoholism, is generally regarded as more dangerous than alcohol abuse. People that suffer from alcohol abuse are not physiologically dependent, which means they do not experience withdrawal symptoms if they don’t drink, they usually have not developed a tolerance to alcohol. However, this is still a dangerous disorder since it causes people to make bad decisions, like driving while intoxicated; endure criminal and social issues, including arrests and arguments with loved ones; and become irresponsible at work, home, and school. Alcohol dependence, or alcoholism, is more severe since, in addition to all of the elements of alcohol abuse, people also experience cravings, loss of control, physical dependence, and tolerance. Clients of Alcohol Rehab in San Antonio are treated for alcohol use disorders by experienced experts in a safe, efficient way.


Side Effects of Alcohol


Many unwanted side effects on the body and the mind are results from alcohol use. Consequences, such as diminished inhibitions, motor impairment, confusion, coma, breathing complications, or even death, result from infrequent binge drinking. Misuse of alcohol will also increase the risk of vehicle injuries, violent or hazardous habits, suicide, and homicide. People that chronically misuse alcohol are often affected by emotional issues and other psychological issues, but their body suffers as well. Because alcohol use disorders are generally accompanied by other mental issues, Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment San Antonio provides services aimed to addressing all aspects of alcohol use.


Rehabilitation Options at Treatment Center San Antonio


The chance of developing an alcohol use disorder is affected by genetics, environmental factors, and psychological or emotional problems. How much and how often a person drinks, their age, their health condition, and family history will also impact the way in which alcohol will affect them. Higher understanding of why people develop alcohol use disorders could help people identify the warning signs of alcohol addiction, and additional studies targeting finding reliable treatment, prevention strategies, and medicinal treatment options can help prevent alcohol dependency. Taking all of these factors into account, Alcohol Rehab in San Antonio builds rehabilitation plans that address all aspects of substance dependency for the most effective and long term recovery results.


How Treatment Center San Antonio Helps


An important part of rehabilitation for people affected by alcohol use disorders is medically supervised withdrawal, due to the fact that helps them correctly and quickly withdraw from the effects of alcohol. However, following up with rehabilitation programs, like Treatment Programs San Antonio, are very important since detox is only a first step. Please contact Treatment Center San Antonio’s recovery specialists for extra details about alcohol use disorders, or to find a rehab facility.